English & Spanish Voice Production for 30 years!


What sets us apart? Our vast experience and mature processes enable us to do more for less—faster.


Spanning four decades we've been on the leading edge of technology, specializing in new media.


We focus on personal service, flexibility and attention to detail, always working to help you stay on schedule.


We offset any cost advantage of so-called "in-home studios." Yes, you could try to find a reliable voice with a home studio and hope all goes well. However in many cases, delays, errors and inconsistent sounding files are unacceptable hidden costs.


Steve Olenick, President of AudioLink, has always aimed at being a "client conscious" audio expert and developer.


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When he opened in the 1980s, specializing in interactive video discs, Steve became a key consultant in the development of custom software for CD-ROM audio during the early days of what was then called multimedia.


Today Steve leads a skilled staff of professional recording engineers, editors and talent. Each member of the team is dedicated to that same client conscious agenda.


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Listen to Michael Getz

President: Illumina Interactive

"... a supervised or an unsupervised session, with or without a client... pickups – even several years out – They’ve always been able to match recording quality and levels...the ins and outs of digital audio compression and sound quality optimization.. ..."

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Listen to Todd McCormick

Executive Director: Learning & Development

O/E Learning

"...Occasionally our clients will want to record their own audio, but there is no comparison to using professional talent. ... There can be many challenging aspects of managing projects and knowing that I can consistently rely on AudioLink's flexibility, professionalism..."

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Listen to Carrie Bombard

Project Manager: CGI Interactive

"...As a project manager for an interactive media company our video product depends on quality audio. The team at AudioLink has always been responsive and accommodating to our needs, even when it’s a quick turnaround request...."

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