• Casting, recording and editing the human voice in English & Spanish

• Two studios, ISDN, local or remote client supervision

• Fast and effective post-production systems born from decades of editing audio for random access playback

• A pool of local and international voice talent in English and Spanish, as well as other languages

• Extensive project management experience with scripts, talent and production timetables

• Expert data management: archiving, version control and complex file naming schemes

• Script markup and preparation

• Last minute changes, with a smile

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  • Pre-production
    • Project management
    • Script preparation
    • PDF markup
    • Translation
    • Casting


  • Production
    • ISDN
    • Source-Connect
    • Remote supervision
    • Recording
    • Editing
    • Mixing


  • Post-production
    • File conversion
    • Quality control
    • Version control
    • Revisions/pickups
    • Archiving